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An Adventure That Will Restore Your Well-Being

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

One of our main goals at Victoria Falls Yoga is to allow you to completely unwind on your holiday. What we mean by that is not to just relax, but to connect truly with your environment, the sounds, the smells and the ambiance which create a unique setting for you to reconnect with yourself in one of the many beautiful places Africa has to offer.

"Sounds ideal... but where can I do this?" you may ask:

Well, there is no better spot to do so than anywhere out in the wilderness! We promise you, our journeys will leave you in awe, refocussed and completely rejuvenated. By coming to Africa, not only have you come to the right place for your peaceful wellbeing travel and mindfulness, you have also immersed yourself into some of the best nature our planet has to offer.

In February, 2021 I had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on week long trip into Hwange National Park, where I experienced the restorative benefits of taking time out in the wilderness.

Wellness Safaris: From my perspective.

Have you ever experienced a breathtaking encounter with nature? I don't mean an adrenaline rush you get from being charged by a young bull elephant on a game drive or watching a pride of lion take down their prey... although these are spectacular in their own right, what I mean is an awe inspiring, serene and breath-taking moment where it is just you and the wilderness.

You could experience this moment the first time you stand in front of the Mighty Victoria Falls, soaked by the spray and overcome by the power and grace of nature. Maybe it could happen as you sit peacefully observing hundreds of elephants wading silently into the Ngweshla Pan at sundown. Whenever that happens, that 'ahhh' moment of relaxation, appreciation of nature and sense of content within yourself, it almost overwhelms you emotionally giving a fresh perspective of your life in the grander scheme of our planet.

The above described are just two of many moments I have experienced personally in my time since moving to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which got me thinking out many things in life including why this moment occurs, as well as how to elevate this captivating time for myself and many more who come to experience the majesty of Africa.

The human-nature connection.

Experiences such as these which allow us to stay closer to nature lead us to feel more grateful and appreciative of what it has to offer to us as well as enhances our understanding of self (Chowdhury, 2021; Proshansky, 1976). According to a recent study by researchers Schweitzer, Glab and Brymer, (2018), the human-nature connection was found to be integral to the sense of self amongst participants. This means participants of the study found taking time in nature vital to their understanding of themselves.

In addition, spending time in nature has been found to have a range of positive benefits for our wellbeing:

Physiologically, spending time outdoors helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol leading to decreased levels of stress. Psychologically, time in nature has shown to improve focus, creativity, memory function and emotion regulation. As a result, time outdoors can provide significant benefits in allowing people to be both more effective in their work as well as in managing the associated stressors.

Elevating the experience like never before.

Having faced the challenges of COVID-19, people are more aware than ever of the value and importance of caring for their health and wellbeing. Additionally, having been restricted in movements due to lockdowns, people are both itching to travel as well as to include a wellness element to their adventures through wellness travel.

In the previously mentioned research on the human-nature connection, findings suggest that "participating in experiences that facilitate the immersion in nature provide opportunities for the development of an integrated sense of self that has a profound impact on a participant’s sense of wellbeing" (Schweitzer, Glab and Brymer, 2018). This means taking yourself that one step deeper into nature can have a profound impact on your overall well-being as well as allow for a heightened experience of your destination.

How We Can Help You:

Embark on an Adventure That Will Restore Your Well-Being. Join us for a journey into the heart of the wilderness hidden away from civilisation and reconnect with your own self along the way.

Through a range of Wellness Experiences, Retreats and Conservation Safaris we are sure that we can meet your wellness needs whilst allowing you to disconnect fromyour day-to-day life and enjoy the raw and wild experiences the African Bush has to offer.

Get in touch with us to find your 'wellness in the wilderness'.

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