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21ST - 28TH MARCH 2024



Yoga with Elephants on The Women's Wellness Weekend hosted at The Wallow inJune '22 (credi


Embark on an 8-day transformative journey this March 2024 with Victoria Falls Yoga, curated to provide a harmonious blend of safari, adventure, community service, and holistic wellness. Our retreat commences at the exquisite 528 | Victoria Falls, where panoramic vistas of the Zambezi River greet you during morning yoga sessions. We then whisk you away to the serene Camp Chitubu in Hwange National Park, where you'll be enveloped by Zimbabwe's finest wildlife and landscapes during your yoga and meditation practices.

Safari Experience: Delight in game drives and nature walks at Camp Chitubu, where the wilderness becomes your playground, teeming with over 100 mammal species and an estimated 500 bird species.

Adventure Awaits: Experience the adrenaline of 'Flight of Angels' over Victoria Falls and a majestic dinner cruise on the Zambezi River, among other heart-pounding activities.

Community Service: Make a meaningful impact with a visit to the Jafuta Community Project, connecting you with the local community and providing a profound sense of purpose to your journey.

Wellness Offering: Benefit from a pre-trip Holistic Wellness Assessment and continuous engagement with your wellness guide, Kerri. Delve deep into meditations, mindfulness, and explorative journaling. Special wellness inclusions like 'Victoria Falls Sunrise Meditation Between Two Borders' and an 'Exclusive Elephant Yoga Experience' make this retreat truly exceptional.


From your meals to your airport transfers, we've thought of everything. All you need to do is arrive, engage, and transform. Welcome to a journey of a lifetime!

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DAY ONE: Thursday 21st March

Arrival day to Victoria Falls. Check-in to 528 | Victoria Falls, relax and settle in.

4PM: Dinner cruise on the Zambezi River.

DAY TWO: Friday 22nd March 

6AM: Morning Vinyasa Yoga 

8AM: Breakfast

9AM: Mists of Time historical Talk - Chris Worden

11AM: Walk the Victoria Falls Rainforest

1PM: Lunch 

3PM: Flight of Angels

6PM: Simunye Theatre Show & Dinner 

DAY THREE: Saturday 23rd March 

5:30AM: Morning Yin-Styled Yoga & Mindfulness

8AM: Breakfast at leisure

10AM: Jafuta community project visit

12PM: Free time in town and Lunch at leisure   

3PM: Down time at 528

5PM: Afternoon Power Yoga

7PM: Dinner at Dusty Road

7PM: Closing Dinner

DAY FOUR: Monday 24th March 

5:30AM: Sunrise Bamba Tram & Guided Meditation on The Bridge (Exclusive to Victoria Falls Yoga)

8AM: Breakfast at leisure and downtime at lodge

12:30PM: Lunch at lodge

2:30PM: Yoga with Elephants (Exclusive to Victoria Falls Yoga)

6:30PM: Dinner at The Three Monkeys

DAY FIVE: Tuesday 25th March (FULL MOON) 

6AM: Morning Vinyasa Yoga 

7:30AM: Breakfast

10AM: Charter flight to Hwange National Park

12:30PM: Check-in at Camp Chitubu followed by Lunch

3PM: Game Drive & Full Moon Yoga in the bush

7PM: Bush Dinner under the stars

DAY SIX: Wednesday 26th March

6AM: Morning Safari Walk 

9AM: Brunch

10AM: Downtime in camp

1PM: Light Snack

3PM: Game Drive & Vinyasa Yoga in the Bush

7PM: Dinner in Camp

DAY SEVEN: Thursday 27th March 

6AM: Morning Power Yoga

7:30AM: Breakfast in the bush

10AM: Downtime in camp

1PM: Light Snack

3PM: Game Drive & Sundowners

7PM: Closing Dinner

DAY EIGHT: Friday 28th March 

7AM: Breakfast

9AM: Charter Flight to Victoria Falls Airport to check in for departing flights. 

528 VICTORIA FALLS   |   4-nights

Nestled in a tranquil, leafy suburb of Victoria Falls town, 528 | Victoria Falls serves as an idyllic sanctuary for the first leg of our yoga and wellness retreat. With just eight en-suite rooms, each uniquely designed and luxuriously appointed, this boutique lodge offers an intimate, personalised experience. Our mornings will begin with soul-stirring yoga sessions on the lodge's stunning rooftop balcony, "Treetops," where panoramic vistas of the Zambezi River and Zambia stretch out before you. Post-yoga, invigorate your senses with immune-boosting health shots and freshly blended smoothies to start the day. Owners Paul and Meredith, along with their dedicated team, ensure an unparalleled level of service, including delectable cooked-to-order breakfasts, and service with a smile. 

Modern yet timeless, the architectural beauty of 528 | Victoria Falls is enriched by locally crafted wall carvings, murals, and bespoke chandeliers, adding layers of depth to your wellness journey. During downtime, unwind by the azure pool, surrounded by lush gardens, or find solitude in various secluded, Instagram-worthy seating nooks sprinkled across the property. This haven of relaxation perfectly balances the adventure and exploration activities planned, making it not just a place to stay, but an integral part of your holistic retreat experience.

CAMP CHITUBU, HWANGE   |   3-nights


Immerse yourself in the serenity and natural splendor of Hwange National Park at Camp Chitubu, the second sanctuary on our transformative yoga and wellness retreat. Built on a ridge overlooking a year-round natural spring, this luxurious camp offers a one-of-a-kind vantage point for Zimbabwe's finest wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Your daily yoga sessions will be unlike any other, performed in the heart of the African bush, flanked by the sounds of over 100 mammal species and an estimated 500 bird species that call the park home. Complement your yoga with a myriad of safari activities, ranging from game drives to Zimbabwe's renowned walking safaris, all while benefiting from the professional guidance of our expert staff.


Within the camp, you’ll find ample space to relax and engage with transformative wellness worksheets, especially in the stylish, open-air main entertainment area overlooking the salt pan. With six spacious, eco-friendly luxury tents, the camp ensures both comfort and a minimal ecological footprint. Each tent is an epitome of elegance, featuring high-pressure wet room-style showers and a mini spa experience in the bathroom. Power your devices with on-site solar farms and partake in optional early morning wake-up calls for safari, sweetened by freshly baked muffins and quality coffee. Between thrilling safari expeditions and wellness immersion activities, Camp Chitubu stands as a sanctuary, offering intimate, soul-nourishing experiences that will enrich your retreat journey.



Prior to your arrival, partake in a holistic wellness survey and a personal pre-trip call with Kerri to discuss your wellness objectives. During the retreat, engage in intimate group wellness check-ins featuring goal setting, explorative journaling, and personal wellness worksheets, all curated to foster self-discovery and holistic growth. Throughout your trip, you will have ongoing support under the care and guidance of your guide, Kerri O'Fee.


Immerse yourself in transformative daily yoga sessions tailored to accommodate all levels of practice. Whether it's the fluid sequences of Vinyasa or the restoring poses of Restorative Yoga, our expert guide, Kerri, will lead you through enriching experiences designed to harmonise mind, body, and spirit. Complementary mindfulness practices will deepen your inner connection, allowing for mental clarity and emotional balance.

UNIQUE WELLNESS EXPERIENCES (exclusive to Victoria Falls Yoga)

Elevate your wellness journey with exclusive experiences like a sunrise meditation on 'no man's land' between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the Victoria Falls Bridge. You'll also partake in a spellbinding Elephant Yoga Experience, connecting your practice with the wisdom and serenity of these magnificent creatures.


Beyond the scheduled activities, you'll have ample time to relax and reflect in some of Africa's most stunning landscapes. Whether it's by the azure pool at 528 | Victoria Falls or amidst the natural splendour of Camp Chitubu, you'll find plenty of secluded spaces to unwind and ponder the transformative experiences you've embraced.

Kerri taking a holistic wellness talk-shop on our Women's Wellness weekend at The Wallow J


Kerri O'Fee is a seasoned yoga instructor and virtual wellness coordinator based in Zimbabwe, boasting an impressive 7 years in health promotion. Leveraging her academic background in both Psychology and Industrial Psychology, Kerri crafts a unique wellness experience that goes beyond the physical to encompass the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of well-being. She specialises in a holistic approach, masterfully integrating stress management techniques and mental health awareness into her wellness regimens, all while advocating for a balanced and routined lifestyle.

Kerri is proficient in a diverse array of yoga styles, ranging from the dynamic flows of Vinyasa and Power Yoga to the soothing practices of Restorative, Prenatal, and Postnatal Yoga. She also offers comprehensive fitness classes that focus on building endurance, enhancing strength, and improving balance and flexibility.

Off the mat, Kerri's passion for well-being extends to her work in environmental conservation. She actively assists WITA in their anti-poaching initiatives and other conservation efforts, proving her commitment to the broader health of the planet. Whether she's deeply immersed in conservation work or enjoying a tranquil sunset over a watering hole—with a refreshing gin and tonic in hand—Kerri embodies the holistic lifestyle she promotes, making her an authentic and inspiring guide for your wellness journey.

“Amazing retreat, well organised and definitely would recommend. Learnt some brilliant stress coping techniques, had wonderful yoga classes and experiences."


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With only 12 spaces available, secure your spot early to join us as we hit reset out in the African Bush. Both Men and Womxn are welcome to join this retreat (16 yrs +).


The investment, per person for this 8-day retreat: 

EARLY BIRD - US$ 3 500 (Valid until 25th November 2023)

Standard rates thereafter - US$ 3 900 

Rates are per person sharing in a twin / double room. Single rooming options available at an additional cost. Ask to find out more on single rooming options when you enquire via the link below:  



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