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Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of Victoria Falls Yoga, your gateway to the world of holistic wellness, set against the awe-inspiring backdrops of Africa's most iconic safari locations. Founded by Kerrith O'Fee, a passionate health and wellness advocate, our channel aims to be your go-to sanctuary for body, mind, and spirit.

Dive into a diverse offering of yoga sequences, mindfulness practices, and guided meditations, all led by our experienced instructors. Whether you are a beginner looking to embark on your wellness journey or a seasoned yogi wanting to deepen your practice, we have something to cater to every level and interest.

But we are not just about yoga; we're a travelogue with a yogic twist! Journey with us as we explore the breathtaking terrains of Africa—ranging from the majestic Victoria Falls to the untamed wilderness of national parks and reserves. As we traverse through these stunning landscapes, you'll not only get to see us perform yoga but also capture the essence of adventure, wildlife, and the rich cultural heritage that Africa has to offer.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming retreats and safaris that promise an unparalleled blend of travel, yoga, and holistic wellness. Witness the magic that unfolds when timeless yoga practices meet the untamed beauty of Africa.

So why just be a spectator? Join us on this extraordinary expedition and become a part of our community that celebrates the symbiosis of wellness and wanderlust. Subscribe, like, and share as we create this amazing tapestry of life, health, and adventures together. Namaste!


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Victoria Falls Yoga
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